Our History

"Learn more about the beginning of Floraroma S.A."

A couple of young students at the university, shared their passion for the ecology, the soil, nature and plants, learning to be agricultural engineers. As enthusiastic and dreamers, they rent a 108.000 feet (1 hectare) farm of roses to start a local business in Carchi (North of Ecuador) Both got much experience and develop roses with high quality export and decide to change their target market to offer their product to international customers

In 2006 they decided to move to Cayambe and agricultural town to start a new farm. This region is suitable to grow flowers, the most roses farms are around Cayambe During all that time until now, the farm was managed by Andrés and Gloria. Currently Andrés as the operation head of the farm and Gloria as the CEO of the farm, a 6 million feet greenhouses (55 hectares) of roses in production located in Cayambe, Tabacundo and Ibarra, with 84 varieties and hundreds collaborators. All the staff ready to fulfill your requests.